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What is a cover letter?

This is a document that is sent along with a resume. A cover letter usually goes together with each resume one sends in search of a job. It is a very important document that is among the basic determinants of whether one is to be shortlisted or your resume is to be overlooked. This explains why considerable time should be devoted to ensure that an efficient document is developed right from the start.

What should an employer expect from a good cover letter?

When a job candidate is writing a cover letter, there is information that is vital for them to provide to the employer. There should be a section that indicates their contact information, a salutation, and a brief explanation of why they feel they are the most qualified for the job. It is then suitable for the writer to close and sign the cover letter.

What should employers notice as potential failure in a cover letter?

  • Incorrect company name
  • Unreasonable length
  • Arrogance
  • Unnecessary information
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes

What should an employer consider a reasonable size for a cover letter?

A reasonable size for a good cover letter that an employer should consider is one between three to four paragraphs. The body of a cover letter should always fit on one page, but the addresses, date, salutation, closing, and signature sometimes add enough length that the cover letter goes beyond a page. The body of the paragraphs should be single spaced with a line between each paragraph.

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