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What is the employer’s view of a CV?

 To an employer, a CV is a summary of a candidate which outlines an individual’s education and his or her professional history. When an employer advertises a job, workers market themselves for that similar position using a CV in which they list their abilities, skills, qualifications and experience, relevant to the advertised job.

 What does an employer look for in a CV?

 An employer will always look for an applicant who writes the best CV that includes previous work-related experience, qualifications and skills, accomplishments, good spelling and grammar, education achievements, intangibles such as “individuality” and “desire to succeed”, clear objectives, contact information, personal experiences and computer skills.

 What is a winning CV to an employer?

 There is no perfect way to write and present a CV, but employers generally consider the aspects outlined below. The CV should be:

  • Tailored to a specific job or career for which a worker is applying for, clearly spelling out the relevant skills he/she has to offer
  • Clearly laid out, carefully showing what the employee is applying for
  • Informative.
  • Very accurate when it comes to grammar, spelling and content.

What length should an employer consider suitable?

Much as there are no absolute rules, a CV is generally estimated to cover at least no more than two sides of an A4 sheet. The best way to get it right is by making a summary of one’s career history on a single side.

Note: Academic and technical CVs may be much longer, up to between four and five pages.

Which words can add value and attract the employer?

The applicant should create a positive impression with the words he or she uses. They should use action words like: achieved, coordinated, developed, initiated, promoted and researched, and others with similar intent.

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