Minors and Youth

Minimum Age for Employment

In accordance with provisions of this Act, a child under the age of 15 years can't be employed while the minimum age for engagement of child in light work is thirteen years. Light work is the work which is not likely to be harmful to the health or development of the child and does not affect the child’s attendance at school or the capacity of the child to benefit from education. The minimum age for apprenticeship is fifteen years or after completion of basic education.  

It is responsibility of the State to provide free education and to make sure that it is equally accessible to all. Compulsory education age is 15 years.


Sources: § 89-91 & 98 of the Children's Act 1998, §25 of the Constitution of Ghana 1992

Minimum Age for Hazardous Work

The minimum age for hazardous work is 18 years. No person may engage a child in exploitative labour, the labour which deprives a child of his health, education and development. A child may not be engaged for night work (between 08:00 p.m. and 06:00 a.m.).

Hazardous work (which poses a danger to the health, safety and morals of a person) includes going to sea; mining and quarrying; carrying and transporting of heavy loads; manufacturing industries where chemicals are produced or used; work in places where machines are used; and work in places such as bars, hotels and places of entertainment where a person may be exposed to immoral behavior.

According to the Labour Regulations, employment of young persons in hazardous work is prohibited. Hazardous work includes manual lifting of loads over 25 Kgs, work on scaffolds over 2.5 meters high, use of dangerous chemicals, places with excessive noise, etc.   

Sources: § 87-88 & 91 of the Children's Act 1998, Regulation 7 of the Labour Regulations, 2007

Regulations on Minors and Youth

  • Labour Act, 2003
  • National Pensions Act, 2008