Employment of Persons with Disability

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Do I get special incentives if I employ a person with a disability?

Yes. Special incentives shall be provided to an employer who employs persons with disability. Also special incentives shall be given to a person with disability engaged in a business or enterprise. The special incentives shall be determined by the minister.

Do I, as an employer, need to notify an employment centre when I employ a person with disability?

Yes. An employer who employs a person with disability shall notify the nearest centre of employment; where the employer fails to do so, the Chief Labour Officer shall direct the employer to comply.

What should I include in the contract of employment?

A contract of employment with a person with disability shall include the particulars of the job or post, the working hours, amount of remuneration, transport facilities, and any special privileges which that person shall be accorded by virtue of the employment.

Disability on the Job

Can I terminate the employment if there is disablement in the workplace?

The employment of a person, who suffers disability after the employment, shall not cease if his or her residual capacity for work is such that he or she can find employment in the same or corresponding job in the same undertaking. But if no such corresponding job can be found, the employment may be terminated by notice.

What should be the length of notice of termination?

The length of notice of termination required to be given in the case of a person with disability shall not be shorter than one month

Am I required to provide training to a person with disability to cope with aspect of his or her job?

Yes. Where it is necessary to train or retrain a person with disability to overcome any aspect of his or her disability in order to cope with any aspect of the person’s employment, the employer may provide or arrange at the employers’ expense the training or retraining for the person. 

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