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Is domestic work regulated in Ghana?

Not really, there are no clear rules on domestic work in Ghana, even though the Labour Act, 2003 has a few provisions on domestic work.

Is there an institution that handles the issues of domestic workers?

Not specifically. But the Labour Department and the National Labour Commission can handle issues and complaints regarding domestic work.

Are domestic workers protected at work?

Even though domestic work is not well regulated, the Labour Act 2003 offers adequate protection as may be required by domestic workers.

Are employers required to furnish domestic workers with a written statement of particulars of employment?

Yes, employers on engagement of domestic workers are required to formalise the agreement by means of a contract.

Are domestic workers entitled to annual leave?

In accordance with the Labour Act 2003, domestic workers are entitled to at least fifteen working days leave in every calendar year of continuous service.

Are domestic workers entitled to rest periods at work?

Domestic workers in private homes are not entitled to rest periods.

Are domestic workers entitled to form or join any trade union of their choice?

The law permits domestic workers to join or form trade unions.

Are domestic workers entitled to remuneration on termination of their employment?

Yes domestic workers are entitled to any remuneration earned before the termination.

Can a domestic worker lodge a complaint against his/her employer at the National Labour Commission on disagreements concerning his/her work?

Yes, any domestic worker has the right to use the services of the commission.

Are domestic workers entitled to national minimum wage?

Yes, domestic workers are not exempted from the minimum wage.

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