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How important is a CV when looking for a job in Kenya?

In Kenya, a CV is a vital prerequisite when one is applying for a job. Some advertised jobs require only a CV from applicants. 

Why are CVs important to prospective employers?

A CV can be viewed as the first contact between the prospective employer and an applicant. Through the CV the employer evaluates the appropriateness of the applicant for the job.

How should a standard CV look like?

The standard CV has the following sections:

  • Personal and contact information.
  • Work history and/or experience showing the relevant skills for the job in question. This section includes the special skills that make you stand out of the crowd (such as team working, interpersonal skills, communication skills, etc).
  • Education and qualifications.
  • Achievements or hobbies.
  • References.

It’s advisable that CVs are written in chronological order. Most CVs are tailor-made to the advert so that it catches the attention of the potential employer. Employers go for CVs that stand out from the crowd of applicants, and short list them for interviews.

Are references important to a prospective employer?

Yes. References are from people who know the applicant mostly in terms of their job performance, so their information is important to prospective employers. 

Though most potential employers will request references, some do not ask at the advertisement stage, but latter in the interview process.

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