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What does the law say about working parents?

The current labour laws in Kenya do not specifically provide for working parents. They do, however, provide for three months maternity leave for a mother and two weeks paternity leave for a father.

When a female employee is pregnant, does her work environment change? What do the laws say?

Legislation to protect women workers during pregnancy and after childbirth does not currently exist in Kenya. There is no additional protection for pregnant employees with respect to pollution and hazardous working environments in the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

Some collective agreements do acknowledge certain entitlements during pregnancy, such as breaks for breastfeeding, but this does not represent a general trend. There is no parental leave.

Are there benefits for nursing (breastfeeding) mothers?

As mentioned above, there is no legislation that mentions benefits for nursing mothers. They are, however, obviously entitled to the benefits that come with maternity leave and sick leave. This includes leave with full pay, and not being dismissed because she is pregnant.

What does the law say about paternity leave?

Working fathers can get two weeks paternity leave with full pay.

What about child care and the law?

There are no special provisions in Kenyan labour law for childcare. However, some employers have internal policies and agreements that provide medical care for children of staff up to the age of 18 years, and 21 years if still schooling.

Some organisations and employers provide schools, clinics and and kindergartens close to their premises for the benefit of their staff.

As an employer, are my workers provided with any leave to attend to a sick child or deal with a family issue?

Yes. Compassionate leave can be taken for for such purposes, according to the law. An employee can be granted compassionate leave without pay, but permission for such leave should be reasonable. The law also states that that days taken for compassionate leave can be deducted from annual leave.

What does the law say about career and study issues? Can people get time off?

There is nothing in Kenyan law to cover these issues. However, some employers grant examination leave and time off to enable their employees to pursue courses and build their capacity and careers.

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