Maternity and Work

Maternity Leave

Female workers are entitled to 3 months (91 calendar days) of fully paid maternity leave on the birth of a child. The worker must give a written notice of at least 7 day (or even shorter period under certain circumstances) prior to proceeding on maternity leave on a specific date and to return to work thereafter. Worker may also have to provide a certificate of her medical condition from a qualified medical practitioner or midwife, if required by the employer. Maternity leave can be extended with the consent of employer or a worker may proceed to sick leave or annual leave or any other kind of leave with employer's consent.

Source: § 29 of the Employment Act 2007


The maternity leave is granted with full pay and the pay during leave period is financed by the employer.

Source: § 29(1) of the Employment Act, 2007

Free Medical Care

The Employment Act requires that an employer has to ensure sufficient availability of proper medicines for a worker during illness and, if possible, medical attendance should also be provided during serious illness. The workers covered under the National Hospital Insurance Fund Act are entitled to medical benefits in the case of hospitalization. Pregnancy specific benefits are not provided under the Act.

Source: §34 of the Employment Act 2007

Regulations on Maternity and Work

  • Employment Act, 2007