Minimum Rights

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Minimum rights of employees are specified in the Employment Act, (Cap 226) and The Regulation of Wages and Condition of Employment Act (Cap 229) of the Laws of Kenya. The Employment Act (Part V and VI) fixes minimum standards of employment. 

The Regulation of Wages and Condition of Employment Act creates wages-fixing institutions like the wages board and councils to continuously review the human standards of employment on a sector basis. These Acts effectively deal with issues such as prohibition of forced labour, child labour, and discrimination in employment as provided for in the respective International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions which Kenya has since ratified.

Minimum conditions of employment for certain industries are imposed by the Government under the Regulation of Wages and Conditions of Employment Act (Cap 229). Employees are entitled to these minimum conditions of employment even if their contacts of employment state otherwise. Failing to adhere to guidelines on minimum wages and conditions of employment is a criminal offence.

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