Health Act 2017 has the necessary provisions on breastfeeding.

Employers are required to grant all nursing employees break intervals for nursing in addition to the regular times off for meals. to breastfeed or express milk. The nursing break includes the time it takes an employee to get to and from the lactation station and is counted as paid working hours provided that such interval is not more than a total of one hour for every eight hour working period.

Employers are further required to establish Lactation stations in the workplace which shall be adequately provided with necessary equipment and facilities including hand washing equipment, refrigerates or appropriate cooling facilities, electrical outlets for breast pumps, a small table, and comfortable seats. The lactation station must not be located in the rest rooms. Employers are further required to take strict action to prevent any direct or indirect form of promotion, marketing and or selling of infant formula and or breast substitutes within the lactation stations.

Source: § 71 of the Health Act, 2017