Salary Check

Do you earn the right salary for the right job in Uganda? And do you earn the same or more then your colleagues? Check your Salary.


23 March 2020  -  As the Coronavirus pandemic rises in Uganda with cases escalating every day, the government has issued guidelines that warn employers against the unlawful sacking of workers. The guidelines will  also act as a systematic move to keep  workers from their insecurities of being laid off and to uphold the rights of the workers. Read more

How decent is my Flower farm?

Do you work on a flower farm? And are you happy with your work conditions? FUE and Industrial Service Providers Allied Workers' Union (UHISPAWU) have started  a project in the flower farm industry in Uganda. The focus is  on wages,  compliance with labour law and the quality of collective agreements. If you take the DecentWorkCheck Uganda survey, you will contribute to improving conditions on flower farms in Uganda.