Forced Labour

Prohibition on Forced and Compulsory Labour

Article 25 of the Constitution of Uganda prohibits forced labour.


The Employment Act 2006 also prohibits all forms of forced or bonded labor. In accordance with the Penal Code, any person who unlawfully compels any person to labour against the will of that person commits a misdemeanor.


Source: §25 of the Constitution of Uganda 1995 (revised in 2005); §5 of the Employment Act 2006; §253 of the Penal Code

Freedom to Change Jobs and Right to Quit

Workers have the right to change jobs after serving due notice to their employer. For more information, please refer to the section on employment security.

Inhumane Working Conditions

Working time may be extended beyond normal working hours of forty eight hours per week and eight hours a day. However, total hours of work inclusive of overtime must not exceed ten hours a day and fifty six hours a week.


The Minister may, after consultation with the Labour Advisory Board, regulate the maximum number of hours per week including overtime work, which may be worked in any industry or occupation and may, by order, provide for temporary exceptions in extraordinary situations where the public interest so requires. However, no such order could be located.


For more information on this, please refer to the section on compensation.


Sources: § 56 of the Employment Act 2006

Regulations on Forced Labour

  • The Employment Act, 2006