Forced Labour

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What is forced labour?

This when an individual works for another against his/her free will.

What are the components of forced labour?

  • Use of threats/violence against another so as to provide work/service.
  • Work/service for which one has not presented oneself voluntarily.
  • Where one is working and is not freely allowed to leave such a place of work.
  • Slavery.

Note: This doesn’t include compulsory military service.

Who are the target groups for forced labour?

Vulnerable groups within society are usually targeted, for example, women, girls, children, migrant workers and the youth. These groups are much more vulnerable than men.

What are examples of forced labour?

  • Women/girls forced into prostitution.
  • Farm workers who are paid nothing or very little.
  • Forced sexual exploitation.
  • Labour exploitation e.g. domestic workers.

What are the negative effects of forced labour?

  • It destroys a person’s dignity, especially in the case of prostitution or other forms of sexual exploitation.
  • It separates families, especially for those workers that are not allowed to leave their workplaces.
  • It establishes a low standard of living as some workers are paid little or even nothing at all.
  • Actual violence is sometimes imposed upon workers, especially if they try to leave their places of work.

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